Digital Radiography

digital radiography

Pacific View Equine is proud to offer the latest in digital radiography ( x-ray ) with Sound Eklin’s portable Sprint DR system. Our digital radiography unit is completely wireless and battery powered allowing us to take radiographs without the need for a direct power source.  This means that even in the middle of a pasture, we have the ability to take radiographs if needed.

Digital radiography allows for immediate image visualization and improved image quality over traditional film radiographs. This significantly reduces the number of retakes (exposing your horse to less radiation), and allows us to make a diagnosis and provide the appropriate treatment while we are there with your horse.  This is an incredible benefit for lameness examinations, prepurchase examinations, or even when the farrier is there for corrective shoeing.

Images are stored permanently on-site at the office, and on a cloud based image storage center. Images can be e-mailed, placed on a CD, or even on to a small thumb-drive for you to keep in your own records.  We can even send the images to a Board Certified radiologist for further diagnosis.