February is National Pet Dental Awareness Month!!!

We are helping to bring awareness to the importance of regular dental care for your horse.  Most owners are aware of the discomfort that sharp enamel points can cause to their horse and the ulcerations that can arise, however, dental disease and abnormal wear can also lead to premature tooth loss, fractured teeth, periodontal disease, and even heart disease.  I recommend a basic oral exam when ever vaccinations are performed to assess tooth wear, eruption, and point development since your horses last dental.  Because the horses tooth erupts through the majority of their life, many greatly benefit from a dental every 1 to 2 years to address sharp points and mild wear imbalances.  Some horses with more significant dental issues, may need to be seen every 6 – 8 months.

Equine dentistry has evolved immensely over the last decade as we continually learn more and more about the structure and function of the horse tooth.  Many significant dental issues can be overlooked or left untreated when a basic hand float without sedation or a speculum is performed.  A complete dental exam involves sedation and the use of a speculum (to hold the mouth open) so all teeth can be assessed individually for dental decay, periodontal disease, fractures, uneven wear, sharp enamel points, and other various abnormalities.  Once the problems are identified, then appropriate dental care can be performed.

We want your horse to be happy, healthy, and live a long life that includes all their teeth.  Regular dental exams can help identify little issues before they become big issues and help ensure your horse has healthy, functional teeth for as long as possible.

If you’re unsure about when the last time your horses teeth we checked, or would like to setup an appointment for a dental exam, we encourage you to call the office at (805) 516-9090 or contact us online.  We are also happy to answer any questions you may have regarding dentistry in the horse and more information can be found HERE.